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Sunday 17 May 2015

The food scenario in Chennai has recently seen a plethora of International brands setting up outlets presenting us with their signature specialities. The latest non-contemporary brand to join this list of International brands is ‘Menchies Frozen Yogurt’ from USA with the Chennai outlet being their second location in India. FROYO (FROzen YOgurt) as it is commonly referred to is an absolutely perfect healthy substitute to those staying away from ice creams.
(Froyo Dispenser)
There are a couple of things that makes Menchies unique in comparison to other dessert places. First and foremost, you can completely opt for a hands on experience on creating your own version of FROYO. All you need to do is pick up a waffle/cone/cup and head to the froyo dispenser and dispense your choice of flavour from about 10 flavours that are changed on a daily basis. What is more surprising is that the flavours are paired as couples such that in case you need a mix of 2 paired flavours, you do not have to make the effort to dispense each flavour as you can use the middle portion of the dispenser to provide a mix of both flavours amongst the pair. There is no restriction on how much you would like to fill your serving size as the froyo is not priced based on flavour or size rather on the total weight. So feel free to have as little or as much as your palate desires.
(Toppings Counter)
Once you have picked the flavours, next is to add toppings and sauces to enhance the flavours. They have a choice of about 16 toppings to choose from and another 6 sauces to choose from ranging from fudge to Nutella to honey. Once you have created your dream combination, you just need to take it to the staff nearby who will weigh in the froyo. I honestly believe that this methodology of serving desserts gives the customer the flexibility to have a guilt free experience as they are not bound to over consume under the disguise of not wanting to waste the same.

During my visit, I got to taste a combi of Mint & Chocolate and also another combi of Mango & Vanilla. The Mint-Chocolate froyo resembled the famous chocolate “After Eight”. The lightness of the froyo made it very easy on the palate and made us wanting for more as there was absolutely zero guilt. Having sampled the other flavours (Yes!!! You can sample as many flavours as you want before you make up your mind), I wanted to try the classic combo of Mango-Vanilla which is my opinion was the most divine combo on offer that evening. The flavour of Mango was perfect to elate it in comparison to the vanilla yet wasn’t strong such that it was over-powering. Overall, Menchies frozen yogurt is truly a great replacement for those who want to avoid ice creams without compromising much on taste or texture. 
(Mint-Chocolate Froyo)
(Strawberry Waffle Cone)
(Mango-Vanilla Froyo)
‘Menchies Frozen Yogurt’ is located on Khader Nawaz Khan Road and should cost you about ₹ 150-200 per serving depending on the quantity and toppings you choose. The charge per gram is ₹ 1.30 + taxes plus any additional for waffles or cones. 

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Sunday 25 November 2012

The voice of someone screaming Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream!!! on the streets... 

Does this sound familiar to you? For many of us who grew up in India, we are so accustomed to the Ice Cream Man/Wala who pushes his ice cream cart through our streets. His mere voice will instantly transform us into joy and pleasure. I still remember vividly that my ice cream man even knew the flavours that I liked. Well that was an Era. The only ice cream carts you get to see now are in the beach and an ice cream endor on your streets is like a miracle. 

Thanks to the advent of commercialization of grocery/kirana stores, one now no longer need to depend on the street vendors to have an ice cream  But over the last decade or so, even this has changed. The concept of ice cream parlours cropped up almost all over the city. But then people started getting bored with these parlours as they kept serving the same monotonous ice creamover and over again.

This lead to a paradigm shift in the ice cream parlour business in Chennai. The result of people getting bored with the usual ice cream gave birth to a new trend of specialty ice cream parlours. Over the last couple of years a large number of such specialty ice cream parlours have opened in Chennai. Some were internationally known brands while others were budding entrepreneurs with a creative idea. 

One such ice cream parlour that serves up on specialty ice creams  in Chennai is Bellaria. Bellaria, which in Latin means desserts, prides itself in promoting their ice cream as "Completely customized Ice Creams". Yes, true to their commitment, the ice creams at Bellaria are completely customized. Owned and run by Mrs. Avanthi Vissa & her husband, Bellaria prepares ice creams customized to your preferences right before your eyes. 

(Order Wall)
The process starts by first selecting an ice cream flavouring. Once you choose the flavour, your order is noted on the wall (Yes, you read it right on the wall). Then you get to choose what kind of milk would you like your ice cream to be made with. The available options are Regular, Fat Free, Soy & Coconut Milk. Next you select the type of sugar. Again the options are Regular, Brown & Alternate. Now the process kicks in. All the ingredients are blended into a thick cream like consistency in a blender. 
(Cream being poured evenly)
(Spread across the Ice Pan)
(Ice Cream ready)
The flavoured cream is them poured over a refrigerated plate called 'Ice Pan'. This Ice pan has the capability to freeze the cream and convert it into a ice cream in less than 3 minutes. I was amazed at how quickly the ice cream had set. This is worked on and if you would prefer some toppings, the same is added and given to you. There you have, your very own customized ice cream made right in front you.

I had ordered a Honey Cinnamon ice cream and an Oreo ice cream to start with. While the ice creams were being prepared I decided to beat my time by quickly having a cupcake. The cupcake was from Adoniya, who had recently started making available their produce at Bellaria.
(Choco Vanilla Cupcake, Adoniya)
(Honey-Cinnamon Ice Cream)
(Oreo Ice Cream & Cup Cake)
The ice cream tasted fresh and creamy unlike the frozen one. It was more on the lines of a gelatto. The flavourings were perfect on the Honey Cinnamon ice cream while the Oreo ice cream had a little too strong flavouring of Oreos. Maybe this could just be a personal preference. Overall, the ice creams were pretty tasty and cannot really be compared with other specialty ice cream parlours as the concept here is indeed unique. Coming to the price point, they start their standard ice creams from Rs. 80 and extend their range upto Rs. 200. It depends on how you customized your ice cream. Also most of their ingredients are imported. 

Final verdict... 

A very different and unique concept... A must go for all the health conscious ice cream lovers... 

P.S: below is a video of their ice cream making method. 

Bellaria is located in Alwarpet. If you are coming from Cenotaph Road, Bellaria is right before the IN gate of Park Sheraton. 

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