Tuesday 27 November 2012

Kebabs are an all time favorite at the household. More than often, it is a common accompaniment at meals prepared at home. I'm sure you all will agree that nothing like a good kebab can compliment home made rotis and dals. Owing to the sudden dearth in quality and taste with the shops providing yummy kebabs in the locality, we begun preparing them by marinating our own meat and doing it at homes most of the time. But this needs a lot of preparation and nothing can beat take away's. While we were struggling to find the right shop to get our kebabs popped a new restaurant in the locality. Aptly named as Kebab Street, they were very simple in their offerings. A huge variety of kebabs, limited variants of gravies and desserts and a single variant of Shawarma's (I'm happy it is just one as this is the best that is available in the city).

Situated on my route back from office, it would constantly strike me to stop and check it out. But thanks to the traffic woes, getting back home quickly was a priority. But all changed one day during the holy month of Ramzan when I was asked to buy some kebabs from outside for the Iftaar. Instantly, Kebab Street came to my mind and ever since, it is the only place in the locality where we get kebabs or shawarmas from. 

Having savored their yummy shawarmas and grilled chicken for a long time and being confident in their consistency, I was now convinced that I can strongly recommend this place to fellow peers. This review is based on my latest take-away from Kebab Street. The order for this time was a full grilled chicken and a portion of Butter Chicken Masala.
(Grilled Chicken in take away containers)
The grilled chicken was the usual. Juicy and perfectly grilled. The skin of the chicken was intact at some places and added to the taste of the meat. The accompaniment that is provided is one of the best garlic mayo I've ever had. It just adds an additional tinge to the taste of the chicken. Unlike other restaurants serving grilled chicken, the ones at Kebab Street are well cooked and still retain their juiciness. Only let down is the rumali roti that they provide. But this could also be attributed to the fact that it has always been a take-away for me and it is really difficult to keep the rumali fresh. Probably the rumali would taste better had I dined in.
(Garlic Mayo Dip) 
The Butter Chicken Masala was equally nice. Though this was the first time I had bought a gravy based dish from Kebab Street, I was thoroughly impressed as unlike other places, the use of food coloring was very very minimal in my butter chicken masala. The number of pieces of chicken were comparatively more and were also very tender to bite. This has given a precedence to try their other gravy based dishes too.
(Butter Chicken Masala)
As this was a take away for lunch, there was another dish, which is a household favourite, that could not be ordered. For all those who guessed it correct, It is indeed the Chicken Shawarma. Having been in the middle east for a good part of my life, I have tasted the best and the worst of shawarma's. The scenario changed in India in the early 2000's with a few restaurants serving up the famous street food of the Arabs  the Chicken Shawarma. Although the scenario was sad as it could hardly be called a shawarma for those who had been to the middle east, something was better than nothing. But again the scenario slowly changed. More and more outlets began to crop up. But most of them were serving shawarma's that were dry and lacking a few basic ingredients like french fries and stuffs. Fortunately, the shawarma at Kebab Street is just too good. Though it doesn't resemble the original middle eastern shawarma, this is as close as it can get. Juicy, crispy, crunchy and most importantly long and yummy. If not for anything else, Kebab Street is a must visit for at least their shawarma's.

Their pricing too seems to be in line with what the others charge. A full grilled chicken costed Rs. 320 and the Butter Chicken masala costed Rs. 140. For those curious about the Shawarma's, it is priced at Rs. 80. Don't be taken back, the shawarma's are filled with chicken and much longer than those available else where.

I just hope and pray that they do not compromise on quality and taste. If that doesn't happen, I'm sure it will become a very successful restaurant in the neighborhood. 

Kebab Street is located at Landon's Road, Kilpauk. It can be reached from both Ega theatre as well as Taylor's road.

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Sunday 25 November 2012

The voice of someone screaming Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream!!! Ice Cream!!! on the streets... 

Does this sound familiar to you? For many of us who grew up in India, we are so accustomed to the Ice Cream Man/Wala who pushes his ice cream cart through our streets. His mere voice will instantly transform us into joy and pleasure. I still remember vividly that my ice cream man even knew the flavours that I liked. Well that was an Era. The only ice cream carts you get to see now are in the beach and an ice cream endor on your streets is like a miracle. 

Thanks to the advent of commercialization of grocery/kirana stores, one now no longer need to depend on the street vendors to have an ice cream  But over the last decade or so, even this has changed. The concept of ice cream parlours cropped up almost all over the city. But then people started getting bored with these parlours as they kept serving the same monotonous ice creamover and over again.

This lead to a paradigm shift in the ice cream parlour business in Chennai. The result of people getting bored with the usual ice cream gave birth to a new trend of specialty ice cream parlours. Over the last couple of years a large number of such specialty ice cream parlours have opened in Chennai. Some were internationally known brands while others were budding entrepreneurs with a creative idea. 

One such ice cream parlour that serves up on specialty ice creams  in Chennai is Bellaria. Bellaria, which in Latin means desserts, prides itself in promoting their ice cream as "Completely customized Ice Creams". Yes, true to their commitment, the ice creams at Bellaria are completely customized. Owned and run by Mrs. Avanthi Vissa & her husband, Bellaria prepares ice creams customized to your preferences right before your eyes. 

(Order Wall)
The process starts by first selecting an ice cream flavouring. Once you choose the flavour, your order is noted on the wall (Yes, you read it right on the wall). Then you get to choose what kind of milk would you like your ice cream to be made with. The available options are Regular, Fat Free, Soy & Coconut Milk. Next you select the type of sugar. Again the options are Regular, Brown & Alternate. Now the process kicks in. All the ingredients are blended into a thick cream like consistency in a blender. 
(Cream being poured evenly)
(Spread across the Ice Pan)
(Ice Cream ready)
The flavoured cream is them poured over a refrigerated plate called 'Ice Pan'. This Ice pan has the capability to freeze the cream and convert it into a ice cream in less than 3 minutes. I was amazed at how quickly the ice cream had set. This is worked on and if you would prefer some toppings, the same is added and given to you. There you have, your very own customized ice cream made right in front you.

I had ordered a Honey Cinnamon ice cream and an Oreo ice cream to start with. While the ice creams were being prepared I decided to beat my time by quickly having a cupcake. The cupcake was from Adoniya, who had recently started making available their produce at Bellaria.
(Choco Vanilla Cupcake, Adoniya)
(Honey-Cinnamon Ice Cream)
(Oreo Ice Cream & Cup Cake)
The ice cream tasted fresh and creamy unlike the frozen one. It was more on the lines of a gelatto. The flavourings were perfect on the Honey Cinnamon ice cream while the Oreo ice cream had a little too strong flavouring of Oreos. Maybe this could just be a personal preference. Overall, the ice creams were pretty tasty and cannot really be compared with other specialty ice cream parlours as the concept here is indeed unique. Coming to the price point, they start their standard ice creams from Rs. 80 and extend their range upto Rs. 200. It depends on how you customized your ice cream. Also most of their ingredients are imported. 

Final verdict... 

A very different and unique concept... A must go for all the health conscious ice cream lovers... 

P.S: below is a video of their ice cream making method. 

Bellaria is located in Alwarpet. If you are coming from Cenotaph Road, Bellaria is right before the IN gate of Park Sheraton. 

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Thursday 22 November 2012

It was yet another Thursday but this Thursday was none like before. This Thursday was the perfect setting for a CFG Showcase at the newly opened fine dining restaurant in T.Nagar called CHAO. Thanks to the courtesy extended by Mrs. Shalini, Mr. Jagadish & Chef Murali, CFGians were invited to CHAO to sample and review their fare. CHAO is a fine dine South-East Asian restaurant serving up cuisines from Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. 
Upon entering the restaurant the first thing that struck me was their exquisite interiors. It was definitely a fine dine restaurant. The restaurant has 2 floors of seating with a private lounge for customers who want a sense of privacy probably for those with celebrity status may be. Great level of attention has been taken to ensure the interiors were hand in glove with the food being served. There was a complete feel of being somewhere in Thailand or Cambodia with all the Buddha statues and artworks. 
Once all the folks for the showcase had arrived, we were then introduced to Chef Murali who gave us an insight about his career and the spread that we were to sample today. A short while later we were also met by Mr. Jagadish and his co-partner who welcomed us to CHAO.
(Corn Tartlets)
(Devil's Potato)
(CHAO Thai Grilled Fish)
Shortly after the formal introductions were over, the traditional Lemongrass Tea was served before the food started to come in one by one. We were first served with the Corn Tartlets. Rather than calling them as starters, it may be rightly called as a pre appetizer. They were very crispy and the flavoring on the corn mixture was just right to be not too heavy. Following this, we were dished with Devil's Potato and CHAO Thai Grilled Fish. The devil's potato was just as apt as the title, a spicy dish with potato and topped with sesame seeds. Although not being a great fan of sea food, I decided to try the CHAO Thai Grilled Fish. I was told that the fish used was a Royal Basa. The fish tasted perfect. It was just rightly cooked with the right flavorings infused and made for a good and heavy starter.
(Veg Dimsums)
(Devil's Chicken)
(Chicken Dimsums)
(Wasabi Prawns)
Following the grilled fish, the next starters to be presented were the Veg Dimsums, Wasabi Prawns, Chicken Dimsums and Devil's Chicken. To be honest I was not able to make out anything extraordinary in the Dimsums. I guess this could be because, Dimsums are very simple in nature and nothing can go wrong except for the wrapper which can at times be sticky. But both the veg and the non veg Dimsums at CHAO were excellent. Devil's Chicken was more on the lines with its vegetarian counter-part except for being a little too rubbery. This was the feeling amongst a few fellow CFGians too. Maybe the chicken was a tad over cooked or must have got a bit soggy in all the devil sauces. Coming to the star dish of the evening, the WASABI PRAWNS was truly an unique dish in its own ways. The prawns were coated evenly with the in-house special Wasabi sauce which is indeed a scaled down version of the original Wasabi sauce mixed with Mayonnaise. The plates kept getting emptied that more servings were being continuously ordered. This is in fact the Signature Dish at CHAO. True to its status, it is a must have. This was followed by a further 2 more starters, the Mushroom Pepper Salt and Satay Prawns. The Mushroom Pepper Salt was a bit high on the pepper quotient while the Satay Prawns were more of the grilled prawns kind. We couldn't really savor the taste of any more starters as the Wasabi prawns kept hitting us hard again and again.
(Satay Prawns)
(Mushroom Pepper Salt)
Post the starters, we were presented with an awesome serving of Green Mango Salad. The mango was sour enough to taste perfect with the dressing. Coming to the mains, the entourage was provided with 2 types of rice, viz. Jasmine Rice and Sambal Rice accompanied by a Thai Green Fish Curry, Singapore Bee Hoon, Basil Chicken and Cashew Garlic Garden Greens. 
(Non Veg Mains)
For those wondering about Jasmine rice, it is a special preparation of white rice with an aroma of Jasmine infused in it. The Sambal rice was really nice with a great variation of spices with both high's and low's. The Thai Green Fish curry was outstanding. Take it from the words of someone who is probably having a Fish curry after a couple of years. Together with the Jasmine rice and the Sambal rice, the green curry was the perfect accompaniment. Though the taste was slightly modified to suit the Indian needs, it still tasted authentic to me. The Basil Chicken had a strong Basil flavor in it which dominated over the other flavorings in it. But the chicken was cooked better this time around in comparison to the Devil's Chicken. The Singapore Bee Hoon and Cashew Garlic Garden Greens were left to my fellow vegetable lovers to savour. I'm sure they tasted great too as I did not hear any negatives on them.
(Tub Tim Grob)
(Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream)
Now coming to my favorite aspect of dining at a restaurant serving Thai cuisine, which is of course their desserts. CHAO had the usual desserts such as Tub Tim Grob, Fried Ice Cream, Dates Pancake with Ice Cream and so on. We were provided with Tub Tim Grob and an amazingly beautiful Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream. The Tub Tim Grob tasted just like the usual one. It was kind of difficult for me to make out any impressive changes comparatively to those served at other Thai restaurants in Chennai. But what really stood out was their Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice Cream. In fact, orders for more servings kept flooding the kitchen as it was just amazing and out of the world. A few fellow CFGians were literally at arms when the last serving came out. Arms in hands with their cameras post which with the best weapon to one's gastronomy, the mighty spoon. 

The showcase overall presented us with an overview of the different cuisines served at CHAO and a look at some of their exceptional dishes like the WASABI PRAWNS and Pumpkin Custard with Coconut Ice-Cream. The place has wonderful decors and is an apt place for a proper fine dine experience. In relation to the price point, be prepared to pay for the amazing food plus the fascinating experience you are bound to encounter at CHAO. 

Final verdict, very tasty but a bit pricey but well worth for its experience and variety of cuisine.

CHAO is located on North Boag Road, T. Nagar opposite the Singapore Consulate.

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Saturday 17 November 2012

Who wouldn't want to have fresh Pizza's... That too on a Saturday night with friends...

After a quick plan-up with fellow CFGians, a bunch of us planned to spend the Saturday evening at the recently opened Pizza Republic in Tharamani. Having plenty of time between end of office and the planned meet up at Pizza Republic, a fellow CFGian and myself decided to head out to the Thai Food workshop which was organized by CFG. The mentor for the workshop was Mrs. Sara Koshy about whom I've heard heaps and was curious to taste her cooking. We were lucky enough to have a taste at the excellent Thai food that was prepared. The Buoroy dessert was out of the world. I was secretly gulping the stuffed lychees one by one after everyone left. How I wish I had really attended the entire workshop. Folks you can keep checking out the CFG events page Chennai Food Guide - Events to know more about their upcoming events.
Pizza Republic
Outlet + Kitchen
After having a sample of the wonderful Thai food, we promptly returned to Pizza Republic for the meet up. Having heard a lot about Pizza Republic, I was really waiting for an opportunity to visit this place. First impression was a bit intrigued. I was wondering how is it possible to make pizzas for so many customers in such a small place. But what I loved most was the seating. Albeit being small (considering this set up was more of a test kitchen turning main stream owing to the instant hit amongst customers), the outdoor seating was wonderful especially with the night time weather in Chennai of late being really enjoyable.  
Mr. Rama Krishnan
We were met by the co-owner of Pizza Republic, Mr. Rama Krishnan, who was very courtesy and kind enough to introduce us to the concept of Pizza Republic. The differentiating factor between Pizza Republic and other pizza joints in the city is the fact that Pizza Republic offers you the option of the fun filled D-I-Y (Do It Yourself) method of making your Pizza's. If pizza making really interests you, you just need to follow the following steps.
  1. Pick up a 9" or 12" pizza box from the counter top.
  2. Select your choice of crust [Italian, Soft Pan, Multigrain, Thin Crust and Stuffed Crust].
  3. Select how spicy you would like your Pizza [Not Spicy, Medium Spicy, Extra Spicy].
  4. Select how much cheese you would like [Not Cheesy, Normal, Extra Cheesy].
  5. Select all the toppings that you would need according to your preference.
  6. Hand over the box to the cashier for billing and inform him that you would like to make your pizza.
You may be asked to wait sometime in the event of the kitchen being busy but this is not the case often as their turn around time is pretty high for a pizza joint. You'll then be asked to wear the head cap and hand glow before entering the kitchen to keep up with their strict quality control standards. 

Now the fun begins. You will at first hand see how the pizza base dough is being made and spread on the pizza pan following which you will be able to add the sauces, toppings and cheese as per your order. The process is pretty much the same in case if you would like to have a salad before you pizza. Mr. Rama Krishnan can also customize his offerings to your requirements if you can check with him before hand. Once your pizza is placed on the conveyor oven, your job inside the kitchen is over and you can get back to your table and relax (rather anticipate with excitement  for the arrival of your pizza, which shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. 
Choose your pizza
Dough being prepared
Freshly made Pizza base
Selection of toppings
Making my own pizza
Here it goes at one end
The pizza's were the best of all. They were fresh, juicy, cheesy and light on the palate. Yes a pizza being light on your palate. I believe the reason could be the freshly prepared dough for the pizza base rather than those pre-made ones you get at other pizzerias. The pizzas were so yummy that we were on an ordering spree and infact lost count at the total number of pizza's the group had. My rough estimate would be close to 6 pizza's among a group strength of 8. I'm sure this gives an idea about how tasty it was. The pizza's kept coming and disappearing in a jiffy.
Deliciously out the other end
Fresh and Hot
So Yummmmm!!!!
During the course of the evening, we were also told about a very unique ability of their pizza box. The pizza box at Pizza republic is a custom design that ensures that a couple of pizza slices can be effectively packed and carried by ladies inside their clutch. If you are wondering how, check out the picture below which is the base of the box converted for a easy carriage of leftover pizzas.

Easy takeaway for the leftovers
Prior to my visit their, I was informed that this place was a real pocket friendly, value for money pizza outlet. True to the opinions, it hardly costed Rs. 300 per head for an enormous serving of pizza's and salads. The point to be mentioned is that most of us even took takeaways that evening. Am not too sure about what others felt [I've not heard anything against so far], so presuming it was the same with all others, the pizza's when reheated taste as good as how it tasted fresh from the oven. Folks at home have become an instant fan of Pizza Republic and its concept such that the nagging for a family visit started of instantly.


This is one pizza joint that is gonna stay here forever.. True to its name, this is indeed a Republic to true Pizza lovers...

Pizza Republic is located on CSIR Road [off Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway], Tharamani. It is before Ascendas on the left and is located within the same compound as Copper Chimney.

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Folks at home being busy with a few relatives, I was all by myself for lunch during office hours. Pondering over the options available around my office, keeping in mind the meet up with fellow CFGians at Pizza Republic in the evening, it was essential I don't eat anything heavy. Squaring on a something light, I decided to visit a long pending outlet that was on my list. World of Salads and Subs (WOSS), the no-show no-frill outlet located on the main road in OMR in Thoraipakkam.

After checking a few fellow CFGians and getting mixed reviews I headed towards WOSS. Noticed that the place was neatly done with a small team of 3 members and covers for some 30 people. It was the peak of lunch and they had near about 13 people dining in with a couple of them waiting for take away. This put in a thought that this place must be something special. An important point to be mentioned is their order taking system. They have introduced a new technology which I haven't come across anywhere so far. They have a neat looking touch enable tablet on each table. The tablet had the entire menu and upon selecting a sub/burger/salad you could also choose your toppings and dressings, all without every getting up from your seat. The order is automatically sent to the kitchen and your order arrives at your table pretty promptly. You need to pay only after you finish your meal. Too bad for me, I couldn't check out this new tech-savy menu as I went straight head to the counter upon entering rather than looking around to find a place. 
Digital Menu on the Table
Preparation Counter

Coming to the meal, I ordered for a Roasted Chicken sub and a BBQ Chicken burger. They told me waiting time would be 5 minutes as they were currently preparing an order (the order came in via the tablet menu... sigh...). Within 5 minutes, both my sub and burger was prepared in accordance to my sauce preferences and neatly served unlike Subway where sometimes the toppings are all over the place. The only choice of bread available was wheat bread. 

Roasted Chicken Sub
BBQ Chicken Burger
The Sub and Burger was really fresh. Every bite was refreshing in comparison to the expectant taste elsewhere. The meal had a real home made touch to it. Never did it at any point hit me that I was eating in a restaurant. There was a good filling of Chicken in both and the sauces were not too overpowering either. To put it simple, It was really a light, healthy and refreshing lunch. Coming to the price, this was a shocker to me. 

1 Chicken Sub + 1 Chicken Burger + 1 Bottle water = Rs. 197 only

I'm sure it wouldn't have been possible for me to have such kind of a meal anywhere else at such a low price. It sure is 100% value for money. 

World of Salads and Subs is located in Thoraipakkam, OMR. If you are coming from Sholinganallur, you need to cross CTS Thoraipakkam and watch out on your left after ASV Tech Park. WOSS is between ASV and AXIS Bank. If coming from the Toll Gate, it'll be on your right after you cross KFC on your left.

P.S: Pictures taken on iPhone hence apologies for the clarity.

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Thursday 15 November 2012

Not been more than a week since I started my food blog and here I am at my first CFG showcase. Thanks to Marrybrown for inviting members of Chennai Food Guide to their Ispahani outlet in Nugambakkam. The moment I knew the showcase was at Marrybrown, I was delighted. Marrybrown has been in Chennai for a long long time and as they rightly said, Marrybrown was the first to introduce Fried Chicken (sans masala style) in Chennai. While in school, Marrybrown used to be a regular when we wanted to have chicken KFC style. 

Coming to the showcase, members of CFG were all present at the said time and the marketing co-ordinators of Marrybrown gave a short introduction followed by a list that contained their complete menu. There was close to 17 items on the menu as was shocked that I haven't realized it so far being a regular at Marrybrown.
Alongside their regulars, the main objective of having a showcase by Marrybrown was for them to know feedback about their new additions, viz. Extreme Burger (Veg/Non Veg), Jigger Fries & Mango flavoured Smoothers Shakes. Initially it was thought to highlight what each of us wanted on the menu, but it soon turned like a we want all. So we left it to Marrybrown to stuff us with all the food goodies that were in their arsenal.

So while we were eagerly waiting for the starters to start arriving, we were discussing about how Marrybrown has fought through the big daddy of fried chicken KFC and still has a good customer base. Also laurels to the bold efforts taken by Marrybrown towards inviting us to showcase their food. I'm sure every restaurant would think twice before asking for a showcase. 

Chicken Poppers
The first to arrive amongst the starters was the Chicken Poppers. I had a glee on my mind when I saw it as it has always been my favourite at their competitors. But when the tasting begun, I was disappointed as the poppers lacked the popping a.k.a crispiness. It was just bland boneless chicken rolled in a batter and fried. The dip provided was some kind of chilli BBQ sauce which didn't suit it either. But with the Mayo, it was edible. The vegetable lovers got their equivalent called Chilli Poppers. The case was the same. No Chilli in their poppers barring some chilli flakes which were present more from an aesthetic point of view. 

Chicken Lollypop
Buffalo Wings
Chicken Nuggets
Following the poppers, arrived the Chicken Lollypop, Buffalo Wings (Really don't know why the world calls it Buffalo Wings) and Chicken Nuggets. We didn't have much difficulty tasting these as they were basically the same as the Chicken Poppers except not being boneless. The taste was the same, the texture a little crispier and seasoning was zero. It made in mandatory to sample it with a dip and once again mayo stood out. I really wonder if there is anything special in their mayo. The Chicken Nuggets was in no way comparable to a Nugget. It was more like a chicken kheema shaped in the form of nuggets, coated with batter and fried. The vegetable lovers had their own variant viz. Cheese Tease and Smileys. Based on food shopping experience in Chennai, I know exactly from where both of these were purchased. The cheese tease is nothing but Cheese and Jalapeno poppers from McCain and the Smileys are from the same brand as well. But eventually Marrybrown is specialized in Chicken and hence cannot put them down for this. Atleast they have an alternative to the vegetable lovers.

Jigger Fries
Jigger Fries Box
Then came the Star dish of the evening, the Jigger Fries. Aptly named, the Jigger Fries is their take on french fries seasoning. Packed in a neatly designed box filled with french fries and either Mexican Cheese or Sour Cream and Onion seasoning, the box needs to be Jiggered (slang for shake in Tamil) for a coating of seasoning on the fries. Unanimously it was a hit. Everyone just loved it and we even requested for more servings. A fellow blogger was so impressed by the seasoning that he suggested we season all the chicken with it. 

Fried Chicken
Hot Touch Burger
Mango Smoothers Shakes

The star was followed by the significant, the one and only Fried Chicken. The chicken tub was presented in all its glory. Nothing to compare as they seemed to have had a consistence approach towards this dish for a long time. It tasted the usual and was comparatively less oily even though I found some oil accumulated between the flesh and the bone which was not very desirable.  This was followed by my favourite, the Hot Touch Burger. Again the same, they have really been consistence with their hot touch burger too. The positive today was that the burger bun didn't crumble on to the plate which used to be the case most of the times. The vegetarian substitute was the newly introduced Extreme Burger. Those whose had a taste of said that it had a touch of zing, thanks to the black pepper in the burger patty. We were also served their new Mango flavoured Smoothers Shakes. This was a surprise winner. Majority of us liked it and felt it to be really heavy with a subtle taste of vanilla and a dominant taste of mango. Although being made out of mango pulp, there was no stickiness or roughness in its texture. This is a must have if you visit them.

Strawberry Jello
Being really stuffed with all their offerings so far, we had to politely refuse further dishes. We were then requested to sample their desserts. Strawberry Jello with Vanilla Ice Cream and Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream. The first one had mixed reviews with myself personally liking it. The flavouring of Strawberry was not too heavy and gelled well with the ice cream. But the Brownie was the most disappointing dish of the day. A fellow blogger broke his spoon trying to have a taste. It was rock solid. I somehow managed to smoother it with the ice cream to make it soft and finally sampled it ignoring the warnings of fellow companions. I was wrong, the brownie was crunch like a biscuit and was like eating something that in no way would be comparable to a brownie. 

Being a showcase, we really didn't expect that we would have both positives and negatives as the food is usually served at its best at such events. But hats off to Marrybrown for delivering to us the same that they deliver to their regular customers. And also their encouragement and boldness for having them reviewed by us should be appreciated. One more thing I would like to add here is that, just a day prior to the showcase, Marrybrown had conducted a food carnival for around 250 children who were infected with HIV. This is really a good initiative from them to show their solidarity with the under-privileged. Towards the end of the showcase, the entire team conveyed their individual feedback to the Marrybrown team which was delightfully acknowledged by them. 

Marrybrown is located across Chennai with outlets in almost all areas. Please check on their website for their locations. The one where the showcase was held is located on the Ground Floor, Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam.

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