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Wednesday 14 November 2012

Well here goes my first review on my new food blog. 

Being a die-hard dessert lover, the instance I came to know about a new exclusive dessert eatery in Chennai,  I just couldn't resist checking out the newly opened Dessert Studio on KNK. Based on all the readings about this place rather studio, I visited them with great expectations. I really wonder whats with the big fancy names that catches people's attention. Being branded a Dessert Studio, I was anticipating to be in a dessert paradise.

But to the contrary what I ran into was a neat looking eatery serving 3 international brands of desserts viz. Choco Berries, Yogo D-Lite and Shake a Take. I would like to stress on the number 3 as there were only 3 dessert varieties that you could have in a place branded stylishly Dessert Studio. This really dampened my spirits as I only had the option of choosing between a Crepe/FroYo/Milkshakes (various chocolate flavors). They did have the option of waffles aling with crepes but what special can a waffle do on a menu. 

Knowing that FroYo/Milkshake isn't really a good way of understanding the worthiness of an outlet, I decided to go in for a Crepe. A Chocolate, Banana & Caramel Crepe to be precise. Talking about the crepe, boy was I not delighted. Especially, on the back of a recent visit to Paris, where I was hosted by my colleagues at a place called "La Compagnie de Bretagne". The uniqueness of this restaurant is that the cuisine of the restaurant is called Creperie where they serve crepes for starters, mains as well as desserts. The place also has the reputation to be the best in Paris for crepes. For those who are travelling to Paris in the near future, make sure you pay them a visit. More reviews on "La Compagnie de Bretagne" is available on Trip Advisor. You can visit the same on  Reviews on La Compagnie de Bretagne - Trip Advisor

Apologies for the diversion, coming to our very own Dessert Studio, the crepe arrived promptly and was plated quite well. The crepe was really light and smooth with an amazing filling of chocolate (I think it was more of Nutella, not sure though!) that was at the right consistence of being not too chocolaty yet not running all over the plate like chocolate drink. The influence of the caramel was very minimal in comparison with the flavor of the bananas. I really wished they could have had more caramel to offset the strong taste of the fruit.

What really set me back on the whole experience of being at Dessert Studio was the unavailability of any other variety of desserts and of course the pricing of the menu. Understandable that KNK is one of the most happening places in Chennai but with the existence of numerous other outlets nearby serving desserts as well, I really hope they reconsider their pricing keeping in account the quantity one gets at that price. For example the crepe I ordered was priced at Rs.175 which I frankly believe was a bit on the higher side as I'm sure that no dessert lover could be content with just a single crepe. But coming back on the quality of the food, I would definitely recommend every one to try it at least once. Personally, I'm really doubtful if I would be going back there again to try their FroYo/Milkshake especially considered their current pricing and the availability of other eateries nearby that cater to different varieties of desserts at a single stop.

Dessert Studio is located inside the Espirit Compound in Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam.

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