Saturday 17 November 2012

Folks at home being busy with a few relatives, I was all by myself for lunch during office hours. Pondering over the options available around my office, keeping in mind the meet up with fellow CFGians at Pizza Republic in the evening, it was essential I don't eat anything heavy. Squaring on a something light, I decided to visit a long pending outlet that was on my list. World of Salads and Subs (WOSS), the no-show no-frill outlet located on the main road in OMR in Thoraipakkam.

After checking a few fellow CFGians and getting mixed reviews I headed towards WOSS. Noticed that the place was neatly done with a small team of 3 members and covers for some 30 people. It was the peak of lunch and they had near about 13 people dining in with a couple of them waiting for take away. This put in a thought that this place must be something special. An important point to be mentioned is their order taking system. They have introduced a new technology which I haven't come across anywhere so far. They have a neat looking touch enable tablet on each table. The tablet had the entire menu and upon selecting a sub/burger/salad you could also choose your toppings and dressings, all without every getting up from your seat. The order is automatically sent to the kitchen and your order arrives at your table pretty promptly. You need to pay only after you finish your meal. Too bad for me, I couldn't check out this new tech-savy menu as I went straight head to the counter upon entering rather than looking around to find a place. 
Digital Menu on the Table
Preparation Counter

Coming to the meal, I ordered for a Roasted Chicken sub and a BBQ Chicken burger. They told me waiting time would be 5 minutes as they were currently preparing an order (the order came in via the tablet menu... sigh...). Within 5 minutes, both my sub and burger was prepared in accordance to my sauce preferences and neatly served unlike Subway where sometimes the toppings are all over the place. The only choice of bread available was wheat bread. 

Roasted Chicken Sub
BBQ Chicken Burger
The Sub and Burger was really fresh. Every bite was refreshing in comparison to the expectant taste elsewhere. The meal had a real home made touch to it. Never did it at any point hit me that I was eating in a restaurant. There was a good filling of Chicken in both and the sauces were not too overpowering either. To put it simple, It was really a light, healthy and refreshing lunch. Coming to the price, this was a shocker to me. 

1 Chicken Sub + 1 Chicken Burger + 1 Bottle water = Rs. 197 only

I'm sure it wouldn't have been possible for me to have such kind of a meal anywhere else at such a low price. It sure is 100% value for money. 

World of Salads and Subs is located in Thoraipakkam, OMR. If you are coming from Sholinganallur, you need to cross CTS Thoraipakkam and watch out on your left after ASV Tech Park. WOSS is between ASV and AXIS Bank. If coming from the Toll Gate, it'll be on your right after you cross KFC on your left.

P.S: Pictures taken on iPhone hence apologies for the clarity.

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  1. Thanks for reviewing Arista. We have revamped the touch experience and tweaked the user interface at WOSS recently. With the version 2 of the software in place there will be even quicker and hassle free order handling at the kitchen. I totally agree with your food review. Keep up the good work.

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