Thursday 10 April 2014

For time immemorial, whenever anyone asked me where in Chennai are the best sizzlers available, the answer was always the same, head to "Tangerine". My tryst with Sizzlers begun at this very restaurant roughly about a decade ago.It was here that I savoured my first Sizzler and subsequently been the place where a lot of family & friends became Sizzler lovers. Thus my love for Tangerine has been for years together. However, couple of years ago, I was shocked to notice their food standards dip and it went to an extent that I had accept the fact that Chennai had lost a gem when it came to Sizzlers. My visits from several times a month dropped dramatically to more than a year prior to this visit. Fortunately enough, I've been hearing recently that they have regained their initial standards and that I should give them a try again. With this in the mind, the planning started for a visit soon. It was then that I received an invitation from a fellow foodie to join  him for the new menu introduction at Tangerine and with no second thoughts immediately confirmed my presence.

The evening we visited was their monthly Candle Light dinner theme. I'm mentioning this firsthand as this post has very minimal picture because it was quite embarrassing to light our flashes every now & then completely ruining the ambiance for the others. Upon arrival we were welcomed by Mr. Arun Rao, the owner of Tangerine. We were cordially invited to our table and given a short introduction of the well know restaurant. 

The first meal to arrive was the 'Chicken and Peas' soup. The soup had a great depth of flavouring and a perfect texture to keep the taste buds working overtime. This was followed by the two starters that made its way. The first starter of the evening was the 'Lamb Cornetto'. Just like the name, this is indeed a cornetto but with a big twist. A sumptuous amount of rightly flavoured shredded lamb was filled in a crispy cone and topped with mayonnaise. This dish was just outstanding and had set high expectations for the dishes that were to come. Personally, this is a dish I'm sure to order over and over again. The next up was Tangerine's take on the Satay. The dish was called 'Chicken Skewers' and was loaded with a variety of flavours that packed a punch with every bite. A peanut sauce was provided as an accompaniment but I definitely felt that the chicken chunks were better of without the peanut sauce. 
(Lamb Cornetto)
(Chicken Skewers)
Once we were done with the starters, the true spirits of Tangerine begun their journey. The sizzlers that accompanied the four of us that evening were the 'Roast Chicken', 'Prawn Candolim', 'Steak Peruvian' & 'Chicken Bruno'. To start with the Roast Chicken was exactly what it says it is, a well roasted chicken served with some smoky sauce that elevated the senses. This was followed by the Prawn Candolim, that had prawns of the ideal size in a splendid Goan flavoured sauce. The Steak Peruvian that we had ordered was a well done beef and by the reviews of my fellow bloggers, it was a great dish. The last of the sizzlers was the Chicken Bruno which was chicken stuffed with spinach and served with a flavoured cheese sauce. In between all these delicious sizzlers, we were also served with some mashed potato. The secret to this silky mash was that it was all made in-house by them. No wonder it tasted so great unlike the ones you get else where which have a kind of edgy texture.
(Prawn Candolim)
With all the savouries coming to an end, it was now time for the desserts. When it came to desserts, my favourite at Tangerine has always been the 'Death by Chocolate'. Having savoured this everytime I was here, decided to venture out and explore the other desserts on their menu. Based on Mr. Arun's advise, we ordered for a 'Lemon Cheesecake' and 'Strawberry Crumble'. The lemon cheesecake had a good infusion of lemon with a texture that was consistent with those from high end dessert shops. The dessert that really wowed us that evening was the Strawberry Crumble. The crumble was served on a bed of exceptionally tasty strawberry compote with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. It provided the perfect finish to a great evening of food. 
(Lemon Cheese Cake)
(Strawberry Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream)
With this experience, my trust on Tangerine has been completely restored to the good 'ol days and can't wait to visit them again. 

Tangerine is located at Murrays Gate Road in Alwarpet and a meal for two will cost you about ₹ 1500.

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  1. Mouth-watering review and my feelings exactly. Hope to make amends for the long overdue visit, with one soon!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comments... Hope you have a great time...

  2. The food looks yummy. Will make sure to visit this place the next time i go to Chennai.

    1. Thanks Sonia... Do let me know how your experience was.

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